Monday, 25 June 2012

Mr Wolfs FT-what? Meet: Yakuza

In the spirit of keeping things different, todays inspiration comes from a sweet custom bike out of Hong Kong. Although its not a vintage bike, it is basic, raw, and looks to have all the things of a vintage, paired with a bit of modern reliability. Im sure I speak for everyone when I say we all could use a little of that at times.

It starts with a 2006 Honda FTR 223, that the owner/builder Wesley Hamman sourced out directly from Japan. Wesley started with the engine, doing basic tuning to get the bike to run smooth with the velocity stacks and supertrapp muffler. This in turn gave Hamman a significant performance improvement, and the tone to match, while the removal of the stock air box cleaned up the look.

Next was the body and frame, in which all the plastic body parts were removed, front and rear fenders removed, and all unwanted tabs were ground off the frame. The frame was finished with a flat back paint job. The custom tail light and plate bracket are one of Wesley's custom touches, and they replaced the factories monstrosity of a light and mount.

On top of aesthetics, the bike was stripped down to the most basic form of machine. If the bike would run properly without something, it was removed. This includes a basic wiring harness, wired through a 6 lithium ion cells, and electric start only. The bike has no signals, no mirrors, and no bullshit. Everything is then hidden under the seat.

To finish the bike off, fork boots, renthal bars, daytona speedo, and vintage honda badges were added.

         "Its a pure racing, and vintage styled flat tracker, that I use as my daily driver"

         "The bike is really loud, really fun, and really fast. Like a bmx bike with and engine"

This bike has turned a lot of heads on the internet, and the streets, and I hope to see more from Wesley in the future.
To see all the photos, and more check out Wesleys blogAdandonedpier

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