Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Zuehl's XS650 Cafe

Cafe bikes come, and cafe bikes go. But some manage to stick in my head for a while.

Luke Zeigler's rephased xs650 speed machine is just one of those examples

The bike started its life as a 1981 XS650 Special, then dramatically changed into the coffee racing monster you see today. Zeigler seemed to have thought of everything on this bike. 277 Rephase, Pamco ignition, XS Performance Coils, Complete re-wire including starter delete, Mikuni VM34s with velocity stacks, Ascot 2-2 Exhaust, Hydraulic clutch, the list goes on. 

Besides the list of hop ups and custom performance additions, the bike is a complete work of art. From the paint, to the gold powdered accents, and the stunning white exhaust, to the speed holes and plate mount.

If you like this bike as much as we do, tell us.

See more at Do The Ton

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