Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Daily Inspiration: The Side Tracker

Heres something different for you. How about a built xs650 street tracker, with a matching sidecar, and gold metal flake paint? Not just anyone could pull off a feat such as this, but JD Bailey over on XS650.com managed to put it all together for one wicked custom bike.

The bike was torn down to the frame, and every nut and bolt was graced. All the small bits powdered, and all the larger painted gloss black. Engine rebuilt and finished in a beautiful black with polished fins,  and a exhaust by gordon scott exhaust to boot. The body work includes an Omars seat/tail and a xs500 tank, and the wacky metallic gold paint.

Other custom work includes a dual disk conversion, acewell gauges, oversized bars, DRZ foot pegs, sportster headlight, and enough speed holes to make a brick of swiss cheese jealous.

There is so much to say about the bike, that the pictures will have to do the talking.

What do you think? Id sure like to take it for a spin.

Via Xs650.com

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