Friday, 1 June 2012


I figure I should post a quick timeline of my XS650 build.

A quick overview:

Bike was bought, hidden away in a shed, begging for attention. Had not been run for a while, but put away in fair shape. Paint in rough shape, wiring done by a monkey, and quite a few jimmy rigged, and half assed jobs.

I tore it apart, rewired, rebuilt, polished, painted, and updated the bike to what you see now.

From front to back:

Mid 70s honda front end with disk brake and spoked 19" wheel
'69 XS1 Tank
80s sportster iron head headlight, with "eyebrow"
Bullet signals
Custom seat made by myself, with flat seat pan, and wrapped in leather
Harley Road King plate mount
Polished covers
Rebuilt carbs
Engine bored .050 over
Shorty 8" mufflers with baffles
Black headers heat wrapped
KN Pod filters and appropriate jetting
New NGK wires, and plugs
Later model electronic ignition, kick only
Custom stripped down, bare minimum wiring
Honda 2 position Ignition switch, relocated
Custom Aluminium side covers
Mini Sealed Battery
Painted Wheels
Bridgestone trail wing tires
10.5" Rebel shocks
9" Lane splitter bars

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