Monday, 2 July 2012

Tuscaloosa Dumpling: Poops 500t

Todays long over due instalment is a amazingly detailed, wildly wacky, piece of two wheeled art called Tuscaloosa Dumpling.

Different? Yes. Unique? Yes. Fucking awesome? Hell yes.

I don't think the owner Cornelius Poop Johnson, as he goes by, particularly cares about what people think about his bike. It just so happens that everyone who sees it loves it. To start, almost everything was made by Poop himself, or friends. This includes the paint on the jaw dropping tank, and powder on the frame. The bike has pull chain switches, gate valve gas line, front fender in the rear, rear sportbike brake in the front, and a shopping cart full of handmade parts.

The seat has Unknown Hinsons face on it, and the leather battery box has some sort of cheesy shit eating grin. And lets not forget "Poop is my homeboy"

Really, this bike confirms the fact that there still really is originality going on out there, and Poops bike is absolutely killin' it.

Thats all.

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