Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Steampunk, Antique, Couches: Meet Isabel

      Vintage motorcycles are my favorite type of art. Not only can you look at them, you can touch them and ride them too! Who doesn't want to ride their art off into the sunset? Andrew Knott, the owner and builder of Isabel, is truly an artist, and a steam punk genius.

     There is so many peculiar and different things on this bike, that even Knott had to really think about what he did. From the early 1900's automotive carbide lamp, and late 1800's carbide bike tail lamp, to the seat that looks like it was made from an old vintage chesterfield couch, this bike takes unique to the next level.

    The bike was originally a CB250G with a 350 engine, which Andrew added a PAMCO electronic ignition too. The frame was copper plated and tank and fenders were brought back down to bare metal and clear coated. Brass and copper accents everywhere including the points and tach covers, petrol cap, cable adjusters, gauge housings, and the custom made etched brass gauge faces. Lets not forget about the antique clock hands replacing the speedo needles.

    The front wheel was replaced with a 19" drum wheel from a CL350, and was powder coated black, along with the rear wheel and hub. The rollers were finished off with some vintage looking white walls. Matching gold anodized sprockets and 520 chain were added along with aftermarket foot pegs, bars, passenger pegs, and Enfield grips.

    This bike puts one, and only one image in my head. Oryx and Crake. If you haven't read the book, read it, if you have, read it again. The book crawls with all sorts of weird, and unknown, and Andrew Knott has done just that with his odd little two wheeled time machine.

And yes, its very rideable.


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