Friday, 30 March 2012

Project FTP (F*CK the Purists)

So project number 2 is well on the way,

Picked up this ol girl for quite a reasonable price from up island. Cash was in the owners hand within 3 hours of posting the bike online. Nothing like a good night rip 50k's up island on a wicked fun XS to see the next victim!

Lets just say, the P.O. was in tears, and all he could say was "I feel im getting robbed".

He made sure the bike was going to a good place, had a look at the XS and decided I was an acceptable person to take his baby off his hands. The bike was firing in only 3 cylinders, In quite good cosmetic shape but in do for a thorough cleaning. Thats if I was to keep the bike stock. As if!

So picked up the bike the next day, and got her home..

Time to tear into her!

Started with the standard. Stripping of all parts not needed. I dont need to explain this very thoroughly I hope

Sweet pipes!

Parts were continuously taken off untill I reached a point where I could hardly keep my eyes open, and it was time to hit the sack.

So let me fast forward a bit to today.

I started to grind off some of the unwanted tabs, removed carbs and airbox, built a seat pan out of aluminum and got it mounted with some nice, flush mounted bolts.

Plan for the seat is:
Battery tray, and all electronics hidden underneath a homemade fibreglass cowl, and mounted nice and flush to the frame.

I also did a quick mockup of the headlight and ears to give myself a little inspiration.

Today, Im taking a day off as my "real job" put a tole on me this week. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Stay tuned for more to come.

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