Sunday, 13 May 2012

And it lives!

So, the cb lives! And she purrrrrs..

After a few attempts at getting the carbs rebuilt.  and jetted correctly, the bike fired up.

I had to replace a few electrical parts to get the starter working as it should, and was pulling my hair out trying to get it to fire. I had strong spark, spot on timing, and plenty of fuel, but the bitch just wouldn't go.

Then it clicked, I got the damn coil wires backwards. Switch two wires, hit go, and bam, started right up and settled into a nice idle.

The pipes sound GREAT, but are pretty damn ugly. They came with the bike. They will stay untill I decide what I like the most.

So without further adue, heres a quick clip, and some more photos.

I still need to finish the seat (perhaps pop out a new one with my existing mold), and get the signals going etc. I also would like to switch the bars out for some drag bars. I like the look of the clip ons, but hate the feel.

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